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Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Since the day the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project was proposed, we have known that the risks and associated consequences for communities and ecosystems in Northern British Columbia are too great.  Mike and I have both spent time on the North coast of British Columbia over the years, but this year, we have dedicated four months to exploring some of the nooks and crannies of this vast, beautiful and pristine wilderness by sailboat.  As Canadians, as British Columbians, we feel that it is both our responsibility and our right to express to you how we feel relative to the proposed developments on B.C.’s Northwest coast.


The channels that exist for ordinary citizens to express their  concerns, praises and views to you, Mr Prime Minister, are limited.  The opportunities for ordinary Canadians to articulate the direct local impacts and implications of decisions made in the national and international interest are inadequate.  The avenues provided couldn’t convey the scale and significance of what is at stake.  But, as Canadian citizens connected to the coast, we feel it is our responsibility to try.  Therefore, Prime Minister Harper, We—Michael Reid and Sarah Stoner—have chosen to embark on an exploratory quest to document this stunning coast, the Great Bear Rainforest and it’s communities through our words and photographs.

Over the course of the coming months, we will write to you on a daily basis providing a snapshot of life on B.C.’s wild West Coast.  The scale and significance of the potential impacts associated with the project to which we are referring to would be impossible to capture with our words.  However, we feel it is our responsibility as coastal dwellers to try to express to you what is at stake.  Our goal is to broaden Canadians’ understanding (including our own) of the diverse and co-dependent natural and social systems that exist on this coast and the impacts and implications of proposed industrial developments in the area.

These letters will provide a glimpse of the waterways, forests and communities that exist within the largest intact temperate rainforest on earth.  And each day they will find their way to your inbox.

For the coast,

Sarah & Mike

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