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This is an excerpt from friends of Pacific Wild, Mike Reid and Sarah Stoner’s blog. To view the full blog, and read a letter a day to Mr. Harper, visit

Saturday, July 7th

Dear Mr. Harper,

So you’re probably used to people talking about the devastating impacts that an oil spill will have on the coast. What it will do to the intertidal zone, the estuaries, and the mosaic of life that depend on these systems.

People talk about impacts that an oil spill will have on the salmon, and the whales and communities that depend on these species for sustenance and culture.

Experts and the media talk about environmental harms associated with an oil spill and then scale up those impacts to individuals, harvesters and communities.

These are all very real impacts, Mr. Harper, and things you need to consider.

However, Mr. Harper, what about the impacts associated with the Joint Review Panel environmental assessment?

So many people deal with the impacts associated with an incident, the incident being an oil spill. However, I challenge you to shift your thinking on this Mr. Harper. Let’s look at the project being announced as the incident. Let’s look at the effects associated with the tripe bureaucratic dribble that spews from your office and peppers headlines across Canada.

Your words and your actions have impacted people on this coast more than you know Mr. Harper. I challenge you to imagine the stress associated with someone trying push a project through your backyard. A project that will strip you (and your kin) of everything you have been taught to be, and believe.

Your project is already impacting people up and down this coast. People who feel as though their voices don’t matter.

Show them that their voice matters. Show them that you’re listening. Show them that you give a shit.

For the coast,

Sarah and Mike


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