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From D.C. to B.C. Part II

By Loren Clark-Moe

Hello again! This is Loren, back again to share some of my experiences up here with Pacific Wild. So far, so great!

Day 4: Well today was the first day where I officially got very wet, and very cold! Last night the team agreed to meet on the dock at 8am to try to get to a camera station that wasn’t working properly, but the weather had other ideas and I was quickly informed that it was way too rough to go out there today. Instead, we changed course and went to check in on another radio receiver that seemed to have some power issues overnight.

Once again, there was no shore to pull up to for the boat, so we were jumping on to the little island but instead of riding a wave into a big rock we were pretty much faced with a large rock face that went straight up. But we all managed and Max and Rob were able to fix the power and signal issues pretty quickly. So, all around good news and I assumed we were headed back to the lab.

Pictographs in Heiltsuk traditional territory.

Pictographs in Heiltsuk traditional territory.

But then, Max mentioned that there were some amazing pictographs close by. So we jumped in the boat, took a few turns and then approached another little island with huge rock faces jutting up. We could spot amazing red paintings along the cliffs with beautifully clear pictures of some traditional symbols, a pod of killer whales, jelly fish and figures we lovingly referred to as “little lizard dudes”. These spectacular images were a powerful reminder that humans have been here and have loved, respected and depended upon this amazing region for a long long time.

As we were walking along a ledge (with extreme caution and good sense, Mom, I promise) to get a good view of another image, the wind and rain picked up quite a bit and it was definitely time to head back. Of course, the problem with cold, wet weather is that you want to get out of it as fast as possible. But the faster the boat goes, the colder and wetter you become. So it was quite the ride back, bouncing around, getting pelted with rain and I reconsidered my earlier assertion that this was “perfect” weather but still, it wasn’t terrible!

Max and Rob are headed out later this afternoon to work on a windmill on another island, so they’ve only got a few minutes

to spend by the fire. I, on the other hand, have some writing to do, so I’m now curled up by the fire, appreciating the warm indoors.

Until next time!

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