This is an excerpt from friends of Pacific Wild, Mike Reid and Sarah Stoner’s blog.  To view the full blog, and read a letter a day to Mr. Harper, visit http://www.dearmrharper.com

Wednesday, July 4th

Dear Mr. Harper,

There is a common misconception that the Great Bear Rainforest has been designated a conservation.  Yes, this is true to some extent, but in reality less than 30% of the area is assigned into various conservancy agreements.  This reality become all to apparent on our journey south yesterday.  Just North of Klemtu, we came across a heli-logging operation.

From across the channel you couldn’t see a clear cut. No, this clear cut was hidden.  Hidden in a small valley 100 meters in from the waterline.  Hidden from the cruise ships, the pleasure boaters, and the many who transit these inlets.  This represents the smoke and mirror approach to conservation that keeps the public silent and industry, along with Government, happy.

How many of these clear cuts lie just out of site? How much this Great Bear Rainforest will be logged before it is enough?  Our insatiable appetite for resources will ruin this place.

We all have a personal decision to make on this one.  We are all guilty of this glut.  At some point though we need to look in the mirror and say, “Wake up bonehead! Is this legacy you wish to leave for your children”.

You have children, don’t you Mr. Harper?  Look in the mirror.  Don’t be a bonehead and leave them something to look forward to.  A coast to explore, a region dense with life stretching from the ocean floor to the highest peaks.  If you try to pull the wool over our eyes on this Mr. Harper you’ll regret it and your children will never forgive you.

For the Coast,

Mike and Sarah

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