SEAS Internship – Week One Reflections

Jenna Starr

My name is Jenna Starr. This was the first week of work at Koeye. It was an amazing week of work and teamwork out in the wildlife. My favorite things we did were the crab surveys, but not getting pinched by them. It was a great experience hiking to places I’d never been and getting to see devil’s club during the stream surveys. Hopefully next week we’ll see more animals.

Jenna records data during a crab survey

Richard Wilson-Hall

I enjoyed using the waders to set the g-traps and do the stream assessments. The water was up to my waist but I stayed nice and dry. I didn’t fall in the water like Louis. I enjoyed setting the crab traps and measuring them, seeing if they were injured or regenerating their legs or claws. I can’t wait to do the snorkeling and do more seining. I quite enjoyed my first week. I can’t wait for the next weeks to come.

Richard pulls up a g-trap

Louis Shaw

Week one… hmmmm, what can I say about week one? Well generally it felt like a good familiar experience, other than you know… the generator firing up at six in the morning or big tractors roaming through the camp site but it was all good. Apart from all noisy contraptions it was water crashing on the beach, birds you don’t normally hear at home, the crackling of a hot fire. We had to do a couple of different things this year like the crab survey and stream assessments and seining, so I’m really looking forward to this summer. Smurff yeah!

Louis is all ready to hike up a stream

Gene Larsen

My name is Gene Larsen. The first week of the internship was a good week because I learned a lot of stuff. I learned a lot of things I probably wouldn’t have learned back in Bella Bella. One of my favorite things about working out in Koeye is the sandy beaches. The stream surveys are pretty awesome and so was learning how to set the g-traps. We need better bait though. It was my first time sleeping in a tent. It’s different, but it’s better than sleeping out in the open. I dislike that there’s no shower out here and I don’t like the bugs, but those are the only things I don’t like about Koeye. Other than that it’s nice! Hopefully the other weeks are like this. It’s awesome and I’m having lots of fun with friends.

Gene smiles for the camera during a stream survey

William Boss

This was an awesome experience. I’m looking forward to the next seven weeks. I liked the hip waders. I’d never used them before. I’m having fun out here with good company. It’s so fun it doesn’t feel like work. It’s nice to be away from home, but at the end of the week it’s nice to go back home and see family and friends. I never went crab fishing before or been away Koeye much before. It’s all good, I wish we caught some more fish though.

William puts his waders to the test

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