The Countdown is ON! Only 6 days until Kim Slater takes off across BC on her own two feet

Dear Friends,

There seem to be more and more of you everywhere I turn–people taking action to protect future generations and all that is sacred- our health & well being, communities & democracy, and our life-sustaining Earth. In a time of much uncertainty and in some ways darkness, this surge of positive intention and enlightened action is truly heartening. I am inspired and so grateful for your words, images and actions.

I’d like to share some news and also provide a quick update regarding Band Together BC and my run to further dialogue on renewable energy options and tar sands alternatives.

First the news…On Sunday I ran my first marathon and discovered that it’s possible to run 42.2 km and still walk afterwards (well, hobble). I finished in good time, a little soggy and blistery, but otherwise in good shape. Just 28 more to go…

Thanks to many generous donations, Band Together has reached $10, 514, which means just $4,486 is needed to reach the fundraising goal of $15,000. There’s just 6 days left to get there and every little bit helps, so if you haven’t made a donation and you’d like to, please head on over to the super convenient fundraising platform, Indiegogo.
The funds are needed to cover the bare essentials of my run (e.g. support vehicle, waste veggie conversion, food); my team and I are volunteering our time. AND the funds will be re-donated at the end of the campaign when the vehicle is sold. Spreading the word is just as important, so feel free to share the link in social media land.

Schedule and Gatherings
I leave July 8th and the schedule is still a work in progress. I am still seeking on the ground support in terms of arranging dialogue sessions. If you are interested in hosting one (which you can do even if I’m not running through your community) give me a shout and we’ll sort something out! Media coverage is also important to share the ideas that come out of these sessions with the world, so please let me know if you have connections in that way.

Great partnerships are developing.
On my journey, I will be sharing Tides Canada excellent report called: A New Energy Vision for Canada.  Tides is seeking endorsement for a national energy strategy in their Statement of Support. Find out more here:

Thank you for your support!

Please continue to share your ideas and suggestions towards the creation of a national energy strategy that considers tar sands alternatives.

With gratitude,


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