Hydrophone Sounds

It’s a great day here at Pacific Wild. We have heard many sounds come from our hydrophones in their various stages of construction, but after lots of tooling with the tech and knob turning, this is the first clear audio that we have received. This short clip is from our latest hydrophone deployment on Dearth Island, just at the mouth of Spiller Channel, which is approximately 15k from Bella Bella. It is transmitted using microwave antennas to our mountain top relay station and then down to the Bella Bella School where the feed is saved on a network and monitored by students, staff and volunteers.

So sit back and enjoy a small sample of what the Great Bear Rainforest’s underwater environment sounds like. We have sent this and other clips to scientists to confirm what animals we are listening to. What do you think it is?

Thanks so much to everyone involved in making this first of many recordings possible. Our hats are off to you.

John Guillote, Becca Chandler, Diana Chan & Richard Wilson-Hall
Remote Sensing Project crew
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