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Check out what the wolves have been up to! This video was taken with one of our remote pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

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A volunteer’s perspective

Coming up to Denny Island to volunteer for Pacific Wild for two weeks at the end of September has been a wonderful experience.

Part of my work was to monitor the cameras for activity.  I was sitting at the computer monitor early one morning viewing the estuary where the remote camera is set up.  The wolves came out of the forest, two of them. The wolves found dead salmon near the river to eat. It’s a feast for the wolves as they go about eating just the heads.   It’s a thrill to watch these Great Bear Rainforest wolves “live”.

The range of weather experienced was amazing, from the heaviest rain and wind storms to a few sunny days. One day, the most intense and radiant rainbow I’ve ever seen arched over a nearby island that happened to be named Rainbow Island.  Also the generosity and friendliness of the people here I will not soon forget.

But it is the wild nature here that will bring me back. The cycle of life is in full force here, from the salmon filling the rivers to spawn and die, to seeing the highest tides of the year.

So, as I sit and monitor, keeping an eye out for wolves, I will have great experiences to share with friends when I go home.


Jeff also helped us prepare our office for the winter- adding insulation and reinforcing the siding. Thanks Jeff!

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