Week 4 and 5 update

Thoughts from Dennine

Recording rockfish data with William

Hey, it’s Dennine. We just got back from our fourth week out at Goose Island, and so far I think it can’t get any better. There are many parts that I enjoy, but the best part is either hiking through the forest looking for deer pellets or going fishing and taking muscle samples, then eating the fish after that haha. We are also taking on our own projects for the last few weeks, and I’m going to look into doing research on the deer population so, I’m really looking forward to the next four weeks out at Goose.

Taking a break from collecting insect traps

Notes from Richard

Hi, this is Richard. I really enjoyed getting back out there this week and settling back in. We spent a lot of time setting and collecting insect traps. Aside from the bug traps being smelly, I enjoyed getting them. It was fun picking out the live insects one by one.

Holding bait for an insect trap

I also enjoyed jogging up the lagoon and setting G-traps in the creek. We caught a lot of stickleback and a beetle.

Collecting one of the fish traps

I also enjoyed getting the trail cameras and going through the pictures. There weren’t any wolves on the camera yet, but there were a lot of deer.

A doe approaches the camera

We spent most of one day doing a deer pellet survey across Gosling Island. The highlight of the day was trying to make deer calls with grass and then actually hearing a deer responding in the bush. I can’t wait to get back out there again and enjoy that rain!

Notes from Louis

Setting a fish trap

Hey, this is Louis from Bella Bella. I was super stoked to get back to Goose this week. I have no complaints. Everything we’re doin’ is hella fun. Well sure the bug traps baited with rotten meat were a little smelly and the sea lions didn’t exactly smell like roses – I didn’t care. It comes with the job. The deer pellet surveys were a real workout and were a lot of fun. Who doesn’t enjoy running through the bush lookin’ for poop? haha what did you think “deer pellet surveys” were? Well all poop aside for a second, we saw a wolf this week which was really big cause that was our first wolf sighting there. There’s wolf sign all over the islands like tracks and wolf muck but this was the first actual sighting so that was pretty sweet. Even got to eat a crazy looking fish (a cabezon), it looked like it came straight out of the Discovery Channel or that “River Monsters” show. I’ve really enjoyed work so far and I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks of Goose Island.

Sinking in the mud during an eel grass survey

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