Week one update: June 24 – July 1

This past week the conservation interns joined the Koeye camp staff for leadership training. Sierra Club BC kindly sponsored two facilitators, Jenny Groves and Simon Hocking, to work with us. On Monday Jenny kicked off the week and broke the ice by showing us several new games – you can imagine the laughter that took place playing things called “Muck Muck” and “Big Booty.” Throughout the rest of the week we braved (and sought shelter from) the cold and pouring rain as Jenny and Simon taught us many new skills in communication, positive leadership, conflict resolution, and canoe safety.

We also spent time with Collin, a member of the Coastwatch field crew. We paddled upriver so Collin could show us one of Coastwatch’s bear hair snares. The interns stood rapt as he described the details of the project and started inquiring if they could take part during the fall field season. After lunch, Collin taught us how to use the Coastal Guardian Watchmen monitoring cards so we will be ready to use them when we start getting out on the water more next week.

Collin shows the interns bear fur from a snare

Thanks to Sierra Club BC and Jenny and Simon for making this week possible!

Next stop: Goose Island!

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