Meet the interns and their leaders!

We are pleased to introduce our four 2011 interns:

Christina Campbell will be entering grade 12 at Bella Bella Community
School in the fall. She loves to be outdoors and is excited to be spending
the summer working out on the land. As someone who can’t see herself
spending all day in an office, she hopes this summer will open her eyes to
future career possibilities.

Dennine Reid will be starting grade 11 in the fall. She is excited to be
spending the summer outdoors, learning about the wildlife, and meeting new
people. She plans to go into the Coast Guard and thinks that this
internship will help to prepare her.

Louis Shaw just graduated from BBCS. He is looking forward to learning
about the animals in his territory and wildlife in general. This summer
may help to influence his career path.

Richard Wilson-Hall also graduated from BBCS last weekend. He can’t wait
to be working on Goose Island and gathering traditional foods. Richard
plans to go into fisheries and this internship will help him gain more
experience before entering university.

Supervising this awesome group of young people are our internship science
coordinator Diana Chan (of Pacific Wild) and camp logistics coordinator
Jaymyn LaVallee (an alumna of the 2010 internship program).

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